Wednesday, December 4, 2013

It's......National Cookie Day!

 According to MaryJane's Farmgirl calendar December 4th is National Cookie Day.
However, we are celebrating in a non-traditional way.


Cookie is our pup we rescued back in March.  I can still remember how frightened she was that first night. While sleeping,the poor thing was panting so hard.

But it didn't take her long to warm up and now she feels right at home.

She loves going for rides...

Playing in the river...

 Going up to the mountains...

Or just staying at home and playing with one of her many balls :)

So today, we will celebrate National Cookie Day thanking God for the sweet little Cookie he brought into our lives.

Bone Apetit!



  1. Hello Sharon, Loved reading your back post, I have missed seeing you! You were my very first and only blogging friend :)
    Hope you are doing well and that your happy to see that I have found you!
    Is it okay if I comment and add you to my blog roll again?
    Blessings Roxy, from

  2. Oh, isn't Cookie precious! And how wonderful for you to celebrate her on National Cookie Day :) Too sweet! I hope you have had a lovely week and may you enjoy your weekend!

    Hugs to you!

    P.S. I will be "introducing" you to my followers on my blog this coming Sunday...I hope that is okay :)

  3. Roxy,
    Thank you for visiting :) I look forward to catching up with you :)

    Thank you for visiting also :) Thank you for the comments on Cookie, she is a blessing for sure!

    Have a wonderful weekend Ladies!


  4. Sharon, your sweet Cookie is so pretty, and such a wonderful companion, most deserving of her own special day.

  5. Hello Sharon, I came over to meet and visit you from my daughters blog, theenchantingrose. Your sweet cookie is blessed to have found a wonderful home where you can see love abides.
    I enjoyed visiting your blog and would love to follow you , but was not sure just how too? I do not have a blog of my own just enjoy you dear and sweet ladies through Stephanie.
    Your blog is one I would enjoy visiting as I too am a born again believer in Jesus Christ. He is the Lord of my life, and has been for 30 years. Praise the Lord!

    The Lord bless you!

  6. Lena,
    Thank you for visiting :) We are so very blessed to have Miss Cookie :)

    Thank you for visiting.
    Praise God! What a wonderful accomplishment to have known the Lord for 30 years! I didn't come to know Him until my early 30's and well let's say I am a bit older :) I am glad that you enjoyed visiting, it is my desire and prayer that all who visit will see the Lord here and be blessed and encouraged.
    I will have to look into the follower thing, it has been a couple of years since I last blogged and things are different now. Thank you again and God bless you!


  7. I am glad to have found your blog. Such a pretty dog.

  8. Thank you Yolanda!

    Have a blessed day!
    Hugs, Sharon