Friday, October 17, 2014

Too long... and a cold Winter predicted :)

It has been too long since I 
last posted.
So much has been going on with family, church, and animals :)

Some of you may know that my Mom is living with us and it has been a true blessing :) She came to know the Lord back in 2001 two years after my father passed away. She is growing as a Christian and we are so thrilled that she feels loved and cared for here.

Michael and I are dealing with health issues but His grace is sufficient for us! We trust in Him and He is ever so faithful :)

Church has gone through some changes with families moving out of state and us moving out of the building we were renting. A new season for our fellowship but a sweet one nonetheless :) Families are bonding and it is so precious to see.


We are predicting a cold Winter...

Why else would we have 3 dogs!

After our girl Tirzah passed, we got Cookie. We are so blessed to have her she is a great dog.
Michael and I were chatting one day and thought that maybe we should get a companion for her. We found Charlie on Craigslist. We drove 3 hours to get him to find that he did not look like the healthy pup in the photo. The poor guy was neglected, malnourished and it looked like he had been abused. Our first thought: we NEED to bring him back home. So we did. He and Cookie got along great. We pulled in the driveway and no sooner open the door a crack and he jumps out and runs away :(
We were so bummed out. We rode through our neighbors fields on our ATV searching and searching for him for hours. We were afraid that a rancher might see him as a threat and shoot him or a coyote would come along. We put word out to our neighbors but felt like we had lost him forever.
Three days after, an acquaintance shares with us that she wants to get rid of her dog because he isn't what they had hoped for. Instead of a working dog, they got a loving dog :) Well, Michael melted and since Cookie and Ratchet (formerly known as Scott?) got along so well we brought him home. We were still saddened about Charlie and continued to search for him.
Well, fast forward another three days and a neighbor pops by to say that another neighbor has our dog! So we went and picked Charlie up.

I am thankful for each of our pups, they all get along great and are so much fun! So, if we have a cold Winter I think we will be all set!

Cookie: Our Australian Cattle Dog/Golden Mix

 Charlie: Our Australian Shepherd/Heeler Mix

Ratchet: Our McNab Border Collie/Heeler Mix

 We never wanted high energy dogs but apparently the Lord had other plans


  1. So so good to hear from you! I need to write. Actually, I wish I could come visit day perhaps. I've really missed you.
    Cute pups! They must be a joy.
    Sorry about the health issues that you both are experiencing. I will be praying.
    Be blessed!

  2. So happy to hear from you Sharon...I've missed your posts! Your dogs are adorable. We had to put down our golden retriever, Ginger, a couple of months sad to let a member of the family go, we miss her.
    Wishing you a lovely day!

  3. You've been missed. While perusing some old (as in 2009) posts from my old blog .. tickleberryfarm .. I clicked on your name in the comments only to discover you've begun blogging again. A merry heart indeed. I've a newer blog now:

    Thank you for sharing a glimpse of your world .. New fur babies .. caring for your mother, yourselves, your fellowship. Bless you dearly as you seek He who loves and is ever faithful.

  4. Hello my wonderful friend! I am so happy to find you here :) what a blessing! The pups are all so beautiful. I miss you all so much and continue praying for you. ❤️
    Love, Rochelle